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  • Version 1.02 Posted! - 05/22/04
  • Version 1.01 Posted! - 12/26/04
  • Version 1.0 Posted! - 12/08/04
  • Added description, screenshots. - 12/06/04
  • Project Page edited. - 11/18/04
  • Project started! - 11/01/04
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Research Buddy!

Hooray for bugfix versions (now at 1.02!)...This version should work with the new versions of firefox (1.03+)

Since the beginning of teaching in this country, everyone from high-school students to doctoral students have been plagued by domineering teachers that require them to write research papers. Research is a dreary, dismal task, characterized by monotonous reading and constantly scribbling down where appropriate sources are found. It would be really helpful to have a secretary that noted all the interesting papers a student read, remembering the important paragraphs from each one, and putting the citations into appropriate format, ready to use in the research paper that will earn the student a Nobel Prize (or Turing Award, if you're lucky).

But wait! There is such a secretary! Starting on December 8th of 2004, there is Research Buddy, a Firefox plugin that does exactly this (and much, much more)! You can arrange your citations in different topics, manage those topics, specify the format of the citation, and anything else your little heart desires. Isn't the internet great?

(Use it often, use it wisely.)

The plugin is designed to be used in the following way:

Users can also add new topics, delete old topics, rename topics, and view the bibliography for a topic.
The Research Buddy preferences allow the user to configure the behavior of the plugin. Preferences are stored in a file, so they persist between web sessions:

One note: many bibliography strings will require an "Author" field. Due to the difficulty of accurately finding the author of a given webpage, it was decided that this task be left up to the user. Since it would be impossible/impractical for the Research Buddy to find this string, you must add it in manually where necessary.
Another note: the citations are stored in xml format, and an html file is only generated when the user clicks on "View Topic".

To really understand the program, you should just go see the screenshots, or just download it and start playing.

The researchbuddy project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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